How Do Singers Make Money From Youtube in (2020)

how do singers make money from youtube

hello guys We have just brought you the latest information. In which we will tell you, how do singers make money from youtube? We have found out that today’s singers make money from YouTube. At the same time, I will tell you how the singers from 15 years ago used to earn money for themselves from their songs. With this, you will know how much has changed since 15 years ago. And to know all these things, read this article till last. Let’s get started.

How did Singer earn 15 years from today?

First of all we will talk about how the singers of 15 years ago used to earn money by singing for themselves. This will make you understand that today’s technology has changed a lot from the old days.

For all this, you have to take your brain back 15 years. He was an old singer in Punjab who sang Punjabi songs. He made money from his songs in two ways. 1. Akhara End 2. By selling casts

Akhara – In the old days there were not many means of entertainment. And after 3 to 4 months, people used to entertain themselves by setting up singers’ arenas in their village. Akhara means a singer was paid to sing in his village for one day. The money was collected from the village. People who used to come to see the Akhara and take money from those people according to the ticket. Then the money was given to Singer. And Singer used to take money from that village and set up an Akhara. Thus a singer used to take 6 to 7 arenas in a month. This is how the old singers made money with their songs.

selling casts – The old-fashioned singers also made money by selling their casts.cast means a memory consisting of 6 to 7 songs. And people would buy the cast from them and put it on a deck. And entertained themselves. The first singer of the old days could write 6 to 7 songs. Then in the company he would record songs with music. Then he would go to another company where he would record his recorded songs. In this way he could make thousands of casts. Then they were sold in the cast market. If the singer’s songs were good, his casts would sell well in the market. If people did not like the songs then the casts would sell less in the market. I hope you understand this too.

How do singers make money from youtube 2020

First of all we talked about how old singers used to earn money from their songs. But Hu Jamna has changed a lot and today’s singers are earning money from YouTube.

And now we will talk about how do singers make money from youtube. Today’s jamna has changed a lot compared to the previous jamna. Today’s singers are making money with their songs through YouTube. Very easily.

Now the first thing a singer does is write his song or buy it from a lyric writer. Then he goes to the studio and gets the song recorded with music. Then a video of that song is shot. Which will cost Singer a lot more. The video is then uploaded to a YouTube channel. And then people from all over the world can listen to the song and watch the video. This is how all the songs are created and uploaded on YouTube.

Now let’s talk about how singers make money from youtube. The only way for singers to earn money from YouTube is through Google AdSense. The YouTube channel on which the song is uploaded. And Google AdSense is approved on that channel. After which Google AdSense shows the video and advertisements of that song. And they get paid to the advertising singer. If Singer’s song gets 1000 views, they become 1 to 2 dollars. Now you can calculate the number of views of a song in million. And those singers are making money from Google Adsense with just one song. It costs between Rs 8 lakh and Rs 10 lakh. The top singers upload only one song on YouTube in a month and the song gets 30 to 40 million views. Singer earns Rs 30 lakh to Rs 40 lakh from a single song on YouTube.

I sincerely hope that by reading this post you will have found out how the old singers used to earn from their songs and how the current singers used to earn from their songs on YouTube. Read more punjabi news – click here


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