How To Grow Beard And Moustache Fast with 2 ways

How To Grow Beard And Moustache Fast

Hello friends,How To Grow Beard And Moustache Fast, the trend of beard and mustache has been very high all over Punjab for three or four years. Every boy in Punjab has a beard and mustache on his face. The beard on the face and the mustache on the face make the boy smile. Also, girls are more attracted to that boy.

So today we will tell you how you can grow a beard and mustache all over your face in a natural way. Secondly, we will talk about the best beard and mustache oil. You can apply it on your face to thicken your beard and mustache in a better way. Which will give you a best look. So read this post till last. Let’s get started.

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How grow beard and mustache with neutral way

First of all we will talk about how we can grow beard and mustache naturally. So you have to look at your age. If you are between the ages of 16 – 17 – 18 then you are not so eager for beard and mustache. When you see a beard and mustache, you say why this kind of beard and mustache is not appearing on my face. So wait for the time when you will be 20-21 years old then your face will automatically start to beard and mustache naturally.

Another natural way is if you have light hair on your face. So you can thicken that hair. There is a way to thicken hair. That is, we have to shave our beard and mustache after 4 to 5 days. You can shave your beard and mustache hair for thicker reasons. This will allow the fine hair of the beard and mustache to start growing faster. With this your beard and mustache will start coming soon.

How to grow beard and moustache fast with oils

To grow beard and mustache, you will find a lot of beard oils in the market that you can apply on your face to grow a best beard and mustache. Below we will tell you about the best company’s beard oil which you can apply on your beard and bring a good beard on your face.

Best beard oil list

1. Spruce – The best beard oil on this list is called Spruce. It has a market cap of Rs 274. This company promises that you can use this oil to grow your beard and beard quickly. This strengthens the beard hair.

2. Ustraa – The next oil is called Ustraa beard oil. Which comes in a 45 ml bottle. Many people in India have brought this beard on their face with the help of this oil. It costs around Rs 400 in India. This also allows you to grow a good beard on your face.

3. Grandeur – Third on the list is Grandeur’s Beard Oil. If you look at its price, we can easily get it up to Rs 300 in India. This oil comes in a 100 ml bottle. This will allow the beard to grow faster. You can also keep your beard healthy.

4. Captain Thug – The next oil is Captain Thug. It costs around Rs 250. It is 30 ml in a jar.

How to apply the oil on your beard

These are the four best beard oils that you can apply on your face to grow a good beard. If you want to use these oils.

So I will tell you how to use these oils. The first step is to buy one of these oils from the market. You can also buy all these oils online from Amazon or Flipkart. You have to use this oil at night while sleeping. If you use this oil in the morning, you will feel the chip on your face all day long. So you will always use this oil at night.

This oil is very easy to use. First of all you have to take only 2 to 3 drops out of the bottle on your hand. Then rub both hands together so that both your hands are well oiled. Then apply the oil on your beard. And lightly massage on your face with both hands. So that the oil goes to the inside of our face. I hope you know how to apply the oil on your beard.


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