Best Minari Movie Quotes of Minari Movie [2021]

Minari Movie Quotes

Hello friends, in this post you will read about minari movie quotes. Because the minari movie has been released worldwide on 12th February. This is a drama movie.

This movie is directed by Lee Isaac Chung and Lee Isaac Chung has written the story of this movie. The movie has been released in 2 languages, Korean and English. To watch this movie, I have collected some quotes from this movie. I am sharing all those quotes with you through this post. You will definitely like the minari movie quotes given in this post.

Here List of Minari Movie Quotes

What a wonderful day to
be in the house of the Lord.

If you’re here with us for
the first time, please stand.

What a beautiful family.

Glad you’re here.

How’s your daddy like that new farm?

He growing things good?
Doing things right?

Best Minari Movie Quotes

But I don’t like Grandma.
Grandma smells like Korea.

If that soil ain’t wet,
we’re gonna lose the crop.

Oh, you pretty boy!
Pretty boy!

I’m not pretty!
I’m good looking!

You can watch Trailer of Minari Movie

Star casting list

  • Alan S. Kim
  • Yeri Han
  • Noel Cho
  • Steven Yeun
  • Darryl Cox
  • Esther Moon
  • Ben Hall
  • Eric Starkey
  • Will Patton
  • Yuh-jung Youn
  • Jacob M Wade
  • James Carroll
  • Jenny Phagan
  • Tina Parker
  • Chloe Lee

I sincerely hope you enjoy this Minari Movie Quotes after reading this blog post. Be sure to read about Judas and the Black Messiah Movie Quotes.


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