Korala Maan New Song Bhai Log – Release On 17 July

Korwala Maan New Song Bhai Log

hello gyes, we have brought new news of new song on punjabi guru. This is the news of Korala Maan New Song Bhai Log. Korala Mann is now coming up with a new song after a long time for his fans. The name of this song is Beh Log. In this article we will tell you the release date of this song. Also, who wrote and sang this song? So read this article to the last. Let’s get started.

Let’s go a little further about Korala Maan. Korala Maan is a Punjabi singer. And they like to write their own songs. Before this song. He had released dismiss 141 song. Which was very much liked by his fans. Earlier, Korala Maan had released 3 songs. Which had become such a big hit in Punjab. With which his name became known all over the Punjab. And now Bhai Log Song is coming soon. This song will also be quite a super hit like the first song. Now we will talk below about the release date of Bhai Log song.

Korala Maan New Song Bhai Log Release Date

On July 11, korala maan shared a poster of the song with his fans on his Instagram account. The release date of this song is written on this poster. The release date of this song is 17th July 2020. This song will be released on YouTube channel. The name of that YouTube channel is Team 7 picture. You can watch this song on this YouTube channel on July 17.

Bhai Log Song Singer and lyrics writer

Bhai Log people will sing Gurlez Akhtar along with korala maan. Gurlez Akhtar is a female singer who has sung with many Punjabi singers. The first 2 to 3 songs were also sung by Gurlez Akhtar with korala maan. And now Gurlez Akhtar will also appear in the song Bhai Log with korala maan. And let’s talk about the author of this song, he is also korala maan. Yes, this song was written by korala maan himself.

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Bhai Log Song Music And directer

Who composed the music for this song? The song Bhai Log has been set to music by Desi Crew. The name of the music artist is Satta. He is a good music director and composes Parmesh Verma’s songs. The director of this song is Param Chahal.

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