Korala Mann bought a new second car (Range Rover) Rs. 80 Lakh

Korala Mann bought a new second car

Hello Guys. We have just brought the latest news on Punjabi Guru. This is the news about korala maan by a Punjabi singer. Korala Mann bought a new second car (Range Rover) with her hard earned money. So in this post we will talk about Korala Mann’s Lifestyle and his new car. He worked hard to get this new car and where did he earn it from. Let’s start again.

Korala Mann bought a new second car

Let me first introduce you to korala maan. korala maan who. korala Mann is a Punjabi singer who writes his own songs and sings himself. It has been a few months since he entered the Punjabi industry. And they have bought another new car just to earn that much. And the one I bought now is a Range Rover top model car. We found out about this news yesterday. They posted a post on their Instagram account. In the post where he is standing with his 2 friends and his Range Rover car is parked behind him.

Below that post, Korala Maan has also added a comment in a Punjabi language. This line is written in Punjabi.

Line In Punjabi – ਉਹੀ ਗੱਡੀ ਲੈ ਲਈ ਤੂੰ ਜਿਹਦੇ ਸੁਪਨੇ ਲੈਂਦੀ ਸੀ…

Line In English – Take the car you dreamed of …

Let’s talk about the meaning of this line. Korala Mann is telling his lover that I have just taken the same car. Which you used to see in your dreams. It is clear from this that Korala Mann has now got another new car.

Range Rover car information

We have already learned that Korala Mann has bought a Range Rover car. And we will talk about the Range Rover car. Like price, car number and many more about Range Rover.

The range bought by Rover Maan is black. There are many models of range rover cars in India. And so far Korala Mann has not said it in full. What is the model of range rover car? Without which the true value of the car cannot be known. I think the range rover will cost between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 70 lakh. Which is a lot when compared to the common man. korala Maan range rover number is 7256.

Korala Maan old fortuner car

korala maan had just bought a fortuner car 6 to 7 months ago, which was priced between Rs 30 lakh and Rs 32 lakh. This singer had made a lot of money by singing in a very short time. Thus, korala maan now has two cars. We also pray to God, korala maan to continue to progress in this way in her life.

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