My Pride Full album releasing on 4 July Tarsem Jassar

My Pride Full album

hello gayes We’ve brought you the latest news from the Polywood industry.My Pride Full album released on 4 July By Tarsem Jassar. There is a new trend among the Punjabi singers of today. Full albums for your fans. Full album means releasing 6 to 7 songs at once.

My Pride Full album released Info

In the same way now the famous singers of Punjab are bringing the album. Their name is Tarsem Jassar. The name of the album is my pride. So in this post we will talk about Tarsem Jassar’s new album. Like how many Punjabi songs will be in that album. Who has given music to those songs? Who is the lyric writer of those songs?

Friends Tarsem Jassar has posted an album poster on his Instagram account. Which shows that Tarsem Jassar’s new album is coming which is called my Paride. Which will be released on YouTube on July 4. Presenting this album is Vehli Janta Records. The poster of the album shared by Tarsem Jassar. The photo of the lion behind Tarsem Jassar on that poster. Which shows. The songs in this album will be all motivational. And a line has also been written on the album in Punjabi language.

ਜਜ਼ਬਾਤਾਂ ਚੋਂ ਜੰਮੇ ਅਣਖਾਂ ਚ ਲਿਬੜੇ , ਵਾਕ ਲਹੂ ਨਾਲ ਜੋੜੇ ਜੋ ਕਾਫੀਏ ਹੋ ਨਿਬੜੇ

You Read Line in English language
Emotions are frozen in the eyes, sentences are mixed with blood that is enough.

This album will have 7 to 8 songs. And the lyrics of all these songs are written by Tarsem Jassar. And all the songs were also sung by Tarsem Jassar. There is another role in all the songs. Of music We can’t call a song a song without music. Tarsem Jassar’s songs in this album have been sung by many music directors. He sang different songs like Gill Saab, Big Bird, mix sing, Penduboez.

Some information has been revealed. The video for some of the songs on my pride album will feature Dr Zeus with Tarsem Jassar. By a Punjabi rapper. Dr. Zeus first worked with Anminder Gill in songs. We are full of hope that fans of Tarsem Jassar will love this album.

Tarsem jassar Instagram account link – click here

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