Upcoming 2 New Punjabi Song Distance Age, Hann Haige Aa

2 New Punjabi Song Distance Age, Hann Haige Aa

Hello friends, New Punjabi Song Distance Age, Hann Haige aa, today we are here. Update of two new Punjabi songs on Punjabi Guru. Two Punjabi songs are going to be released this month.One of which is a Punjabi song by Karan Aujla. And the second song is by Punjabi Singer and R Nait. Karan Aujla’s song is called Hann Haige Aa, and Ra Net’s Punjabi song is called Distance Aage. In this post we will talk about these two songs. When are these two singers releasing these songs on YouTube? So read this article to the last. Let’s get started

New Punjabi Song Distance Age, Hann Haige Aa List

  1. R Nait song Distance Age
  2. karna aujla song Hann Haige aa

In this post we will talk about these songs differently. First of all I will tell you about R Nait song Distance Age. Then we will talk about karna aujla song Hann Haige aa.

R Nait song Distance Age

R Nait is a Punjabi singer as well as a great lyricist who writes his own songs. Their songs are very good. They release their next song in a very short time for their fans.

Even now, R Nait has shared a poster of the new song with his fans on his Instagram account two days ago. Distance Age is the name of the song. After that we will talk about when this song will be released on YouTube. Who wrote this song? Which company provided the music for the distance age song? In this post we will tell you interesting things about other distance songs.

Distance Age song released date

The song Distance Age will be released on YouTube on July 24, 2020. It will be released on Speed Records YouTube channel. On July 24, you can watch the video of this song on YouTube and enjoy listening to the song Distance Age.

Distance Age song singing, music and lyrics writer

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If we talk about the singer of this song. R Nait and gurlez akhtar will sing the song. This song is written by R Nait. Because a Punjabi song lyricist is a writer and writes his own songs. This song is also written by him. He has given music to this song. Mista Baaz. The entire song has been directed by Dilsher Singh and Khuspal Singh. This is information about Distance Age song. R Nait fans will be very happy to read the news of this song. Bringing new songs

karna aujla song Hann Haige aa

karna aujla is the trending singer in Punjab. karna aujla also writes his own songs. And now a new song karna aujla is coming. Whose name is Hann Haige aa. Now we will talk about this song. When will Hann Haige aa song be released on YouTube? And who wrote this song? Let’s get started

Hann Haige aa released date

4 days ago karna aujla shared a poster of her new song with her fans on her Instagram account. It is learned that another new song of Karna Aujla is coming. If we talk about the release date of this song then they have not shared karna aujla yet. This is what is written on the poster of their song coming soon which means karna aujla will soon release this song on their rehaan records youtube channel. With video.

Hann Haige aa Song lyrics writer, singer and music

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karna aujla are the singers of this song. karna aujla has written many Punjabi songs and this song has been written by karna aujla himself. The song is set to music by deep jandu. You will soon find a video of Hann Haige aa song on YouTube.

I hope you like the information given in this news about New Punjabi Song Distance Age, Hann Haige Aa. Read More news post on punjabiguru.com


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