Punjab One Boy Pays Rs 15 Lakh To PUBG Game

Punjab One Boy Pays Rs 15 Lakh To PUBG Game

Hello Guys, we have just brought you the latest news on Punjabi Guru.Punjab One Boy Pays Rs 15 Lakh To PUBG Game This news is from Mohali city of Punjab. The full news that let’s know this post.

The grief of pubg game over Indian boy is too much. And the boys of Punjab like to play it very much on their mobile phones. Throughout the day, the boys have been the victims of this game.And a boy from Mohali in Punjab has fallen victim to this game. The news is that he paid Rs 15.16 lakh for the pubg game through his father’s ATM card. He bought clothes and guns in a pubg game worth Rs 15.16 lakh. Due to which now their parents have a lot of questions. And now there is a wave of mourning in their parents.

How Punjab One Boy Pays Rs 15 Lakh To PUBG Game

The reason has come to light from their parents. Her father is a police officer in Punjab. And were doing their duty during Corona’s lockdown. Only the boy and his mother lived in their house. The boy was given a new phone by his parents to study online. But the boy did not study online on that phone, he just played pubg games on the phone with his friends. I used to tell my mother that I was studying on the phone. According to the parents, the fighter would play a pubg game from 8 pm to 4 am. Faye would go to bed and get up at 11 o’clock. It was his daily routine.

He used to play a pubg game every day. One day his father gave him his ATM card to pay his bills online. And after that, the details of the card remained in the boy’s phone. The boy then took control of the bank balance. One day the boy was playing a pubg game with his friends. And one of their friends suggested that we can buy guns by paying for a pubg game. Then there were the details of the boy’s ATM card. And he added that card to the pubg game. And started buying things from the pubg of money. And slowly he bought guns in a pubg game worth Rs 15.16 lakh. All the money went to the pubg game. And now a few days ago their parents found out about it. Now his mother is in shock after losing Rs 15 lakh.

We hope you have learned a lot from reading this article. We should never give bank details to our children. So as not to waste money like this boy.


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