Sidhu Moose Wala Ak 47 News Update

Sidhu Moose Wala Ak 47 News Update

Sidhu Moose Wala Ak 47 News, A case of AK 47 has been registered against Sidhu Moose Wala once again. Sidhu is number one among the singers of Punjab. Recently, a new song by Sidhu was released. And the name of the song was Sanju. In this song, Sidhu had mentioned the name of ak 47 gun. In this song, Sidhu compares his life with the life of Sanjay Dutt. After the song, Punjab police registered another case against Sidhu. Why Punjab Police is registering this case against Sidhu. Read this post to know more about it. Let’s get started

If we talk two months from today. Sidhu is very fond of carrying weapons. And Sidhu had another grief of firing ak 47 gun. Sidhu took full advantage of this hobby. Sidhu took an AK-47 rifle from a government and went to the fields with five other Punjab policemen. While there, Sidhu opened fire with an AK-47 gun under the watchful eye of five policemen. The place where Sidhu was firing the AK-47 gun was very safe and the police were there at that time. There were many other men there. One of them made a video of Sidhu in his phone. When he was firing with ak 47. After that the video will go viral on a lot of social media in Punjab.

Barnala police then registered a case against Sidhu. Barnala police had registered a case against Sidhu for illegally operating an AK-47. In this case, Sidhu sought his release without appearing in court. The case was later dropped from Sidhu.

After getting out of this case. Sidhu was sued by Punjab and journalists. Journalists had filed a case against Sidhu for this.

One day Sidhu was live on his Instagram with his fans. At the time, Sidhu had said a lot about journalists. Sidhu had said that journalists were making false news against me. I will deal with them very strictly now. Sidhu had also said this to his fans live. After that, any news channel that makes fake news against me and makes a video on YouTube, you have to go to that channel and make a wrong comment against the journalists on the fake video and dislike the video. This had a huge impact on the fans. The next day, a video was released against Sidhu. Sidhu is threatening journalists. Even on this video, Sidhu’s fans did what Sidhu said in his live. Sidhu had said another thing in his live against the journalists and I will shut down all your news channels. After this, the journalists became very angry. Several journalists from Punjab came together and registered a case against Sidhu. Sidhu faced the case. And Sidhu also escaped their case. Because it was not Sidhu’s fault. What Sidhu said against the journalists was absolutely true.

Sidhu Moose Wala Ak 47 News Update

After these two cases, the third biggest case has been registered against Sidhu. This is the case with which Sidhu has to look at the door of the coat. When the case of AK 47 was first registered against Sidhu. The case was registered against Ta Sidhu. The case was against Hindi actor Sanjay Dutt. So now, after the third case, Sidhu wrote a song. And Sanju by the name of the song. The song was now released by Sidhu on July 16, 2020 on his YouTube.

The lines of the song are something like this
Channel’s On Charcha Ji Baali Jud Gayi
Gabru De Naa ’Nal ’47 Jud Gayi,
Ghatto Ghat Sazaa 5 Saal Watt Te,
Oh Gabru Te Case Jehda Sanjay Dutt Te
Jatt Utte Case on Jeda Sanjay Dutt

Now let me tell you the mining of the lines of this song. Due to which the police have registered a new case against Sidhu for this song.

Channel’an Te Charcha Ji Baali Jud Gayi – This means when the first case was registered against Sidhu. So at that time almost everything was running this news on the channel. Another case has been registered against Sidhu.

Gabru De Naa ’Nal ’47 Jud Gai – The second line means. Sidhu is singing his songs. The first case of AK 47 has been registered against me. Due to which she is singing her own song. AK 47 has been added to my name.

Ghatto Ghat Sazaa 5 on Saal Watt te – Speaking of the third line. So in this Sidhu is trying to say this. The case that happened to me with ak 47 can also result in 5 years imprisonment.

Jatt Utte Case on Jeda Sanjay Dutt te – It is clear from the last line. Sidhu is linking his case with the case of Hindi actor Sanjay Dutt. Because a case was registered against Sanjay Dutt a long time ago. The case was registered against Sanjay Dutt for possessing an illegal weapon. Such as ak 47 weapon. Sanjay Dutt used to do a lot of other business. The Indian government had also registered a case against Sanjay Dutt. In that case, Sanjay Dutt was sentenced to five years. Similarly, Sidhu is also linking his case with Sanjay Dutt’s case.

After the release of Sidhu’s song. Sidhu has once again been booked under Section 4. Let’s see what those 4 streams are. Sidhu is in sections 188, 294, 504 and 120B. Now we will talk about how much punishment can be given to Sidhu if this section is applied.

188 – with ipc 188. This is what this section means. If the active officer violates compliance. Section 188 is imposed on it. This section carries a Punishment of 1 month. And the government may have to pay a fine of Rs 1,000.

Article 294 – 294 is applied when a man sings obscene songs in public places. Go to someone who says the wrong word. Then this section is imposed on him. It carries a maximum Punishment of six months. And may be fined.

Article 504 – This article means if a person intentionally hurts someone. Or someone insults someone. A case under section 504 is registered against him. This section carries a maximum Punishment of 2 years. And you may have to pay a fine.

Article 120 – This article compares Sidhu with Sanjay Dutt’s case. If a person commits a crime, a case is registered against him under this section. It carries a maximum sentence of six years.

Due to which a case has been registered against Sidhu. You can listen to that song on YouTube below.

I have high hopes. You must have known about this case of Sidhu. Now why a case has been registered against Sidhu.


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