Doctor Song Sidhu Moose wala All Video artists Info

Doctor Song Sidhu Moose wala

Hello friends Just released Sidhu Moose wala new song called Doctor. Today we will talk about Doctor Song Sidhu Moose wala or All artists Info. The artists who has played a role in the video of this song. We will learn about their personal lives. All those artists do different things. Also in this post we will talk about the lyrics and music of Doctor Song. So you read this post till last. Let’s get started.

Sidhu Moose wala is currently number one among the top singers in the music industry of Punjab. We have released the song by Sidhu Moose wala among his fans in a very different way. Let me tell you, on the 16th of last month, Sidhu released an audio of a song. And the name of that song was Sanju. And that song was also a super hit. After the Sanju song, Sidhu had bid farewell to his fans. I will release a video of the song on July 26. But after Sanju’s singing, a case was registered against Sidhu. Due to which Sidhu had to cancel the video of Sanju song.

After this, Sidhu shared a post on his Instagram on the 27th. And on that post it was written 1 Million Comet on this post and we will come up with something new. Sidhu’s fan following is so high that the fans completed a dirty comment in just 4 hours. After that Sidhu shared the poster of this Doctor song on his Instagram. And yet on August 3, at 8 am, the song has been released on YouTube on the Sidhu Musa channel.

Doctor Song Sidhu Moose wala Video artists Info

Now let’s talk about the three main artists in the video of Dr. Song who have been featured in the video of this song. The names of these three are Bhaana Sidhu, The Kidd, Bhana Bhaguda. On which issue does Bhaana Sidhu keep talking on his Facebook account? The Kid is a music director and composes many Punjabi songs. This song is also sung by The Kid. Bhana Bhaguda is a comedy actor who works in Punjabi movies. These are the three artists who have featured in the song Doctor with Sidhu.

Doctor Song music and Lyric writer

Dr. Song has been written by Sidhu Moose wala himself. The song is sung by The Kid. Who are now constantly singing Sidhu Moose wala songs. The donor song video has been made by Hunny Singh & Pulkit Setia Pak. I hope you enjoyed this post. And a lot will be known about Doctor Song Sidhu Moose. You raed post on this websit like – Diljit Dosanjh G.O.A.T Full Album


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