(New) Hukam Punjabi New Song Download Karna Aujla

Hukam Punjabi New Song Download

Hello friends, we have just brought Hukam Punjabi New Song Download Karna Aujla, the famous singer of the Punjabi industry. Karna Aujla is one of the top singers of Punjab. And often Karna Aujla competes with Sidhu Moose Wala in terms of songs.

Sidhu Moose Wala replaces Karna Aujla’s songs with his own songs. And somehow Karna Aujla replaces Sidhu Moose Wala songs with her own songs. Due to this, the rivalry between the two singers has been going on for a long time. This is how we brought the news today on this website.

Let me tell you, Karna Aujla is coming up with a new song for her fans soon. The name of this song is Hukam. Karna Aujla sang Hukam, will give clear reply to Sidhu Moose Wala. We will talk about this in detail in this post.

I will also tell you when Karna Aujla’s Hukam song will be released on YouTube. And who gave the music for this song? Read this article to the last to know all this. Let’s get started.

Let me tell you about it now. How it is clearly known. Even with this song, Karna Aujla will give a reply to Sidhu Mosewale.

Karna Aujla released her song on YouTube on July 26 last month. The name of that song was ha hage aa. And Sidhu Musewale shared a post on his Instagram on July 26 with his fans. The post on which it was written. Sidhu wrote on that post. If you comment a million on this post. So we will share a poster of a new song. Due to Sidhu’s fan following. In just four hours, that one million comments were made. And on the same 26th of July, Sidhu released a poster of Doctor Song. Sidhu’s Doctor song was released on August 3.

So did Karna Aujla when Sidhu’s Doctor song was released on August 3. Karna Aujla shared a poster of her upcoming song Hukam on her Instagram account among her fans. This is clear. Now Karna Aujla will give Sidhu a tremendous reply with this song. And now we will talk in detail about Karna Aujla’s Hukam song. When will the Hukam song be released on YouTube?

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Punjabi New Song Hukam Karna Aujla released date

As far as the release date of Karna Aujla’s Hukam song is concerned, we have not received any information about it yet. The only thing that is written on the poster of Hukam Song is Coming Soon. Karna Aujla Hukam can release the song anytime. The Hukam song will be released on the Rehaan Records YouTube channel. You can listen to this song and watch the video by going to it.

Hukam Punjabi New Song Download & Cast

This song is sung by Karna Aujla and also written by Karna Aujla. This song will also be released along with the video and the video of this song has been made by Sagar Deol. If we talk about the music of this song, then this song has also been given music by Proof.

I sincerely hope you liked the information given about Hukam Punjabi New Song Download Karna Aujla in this post. you can also read Korala Maan Pamma Jatt Song.


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