(किमर्थम्) Kimartham Ka Arth In Hindi? Best 2+ Meaning

Kimartham Ka Arth In Hindi

Hello friends, welcome to this website. Today we will tell you about (किमर्थम्) Kimartham Ka Arth In Hindi. Let us first tell you the word Kimartham. This word is from the Sanskrit language. In this article, we will tell you the meaning of the word Kimartham in Hindi, English, and Sanskrit. Read the post to know the meaning of the word Kimartham. Let’s get started.

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Kimartham शब्द का हिंदी भाषा में अर्थ होता हे (किसलिए) | Why the word is a question mark word. The term is used to ask a person a question.

For example in hindi – आप ने घर का काम किसलिए नहीं किया? आपने उसको किसलिए गलत बोला? आप किस बहज से अमरीका जा रहे हो?

The word Kimartham means in the English language (why).

For example in English – Why didn’t you do the housework? What did you tell him wrong? What are you going to America?

If you want to learn something about Sanskrit, watch this video

I hope you know Kimartham Ka Arth In Hindi and English very well. To know more about the Sanskrit language Bhavati Ka Arth.


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