[तव का अर्थ] Tav Ka Arth In Hindi – 2+ Best Sentence

Tav Ka Arth

Hello friends, in this post we will tell you about Tav Ka Arth In Hindi. This word is also from the Sanskrit language. What is the meaning of this word in Hindi language? How can you pronounce this word in Hindi and in Sanskrit? Let’s get started.

Here Tav Ka Arth In Hindi

Tav menaing in hindi – तव का अर्थ (तुम्हारा) है। संस्कृत भाषा आप इस शब्द का उपयोग जैसे कि -किसी व्यक्ति से नाम पूछने के लिए कर सकते हैं।

  1. उदाहरण के लिए –
  2. आपका गाँव क्या है? तुम्हारा नाम क्या है?
  3. तुम्हारा पास क्या मोबाइल फोन है?
  4. तुम्हारे घर में कितने सदस्य हैं?

आप ऐसे व्यक्ति से सवाल करने के लिए तव शब्द का उपयोग कर सकते हैं।

Here Tav Ka Arth In English

[तव का अर्थ] Tav Ka Arth in English (your). Sanskrit Language You can use this word to ask a person for a name.

For example -(1) what is your village? (2) What’s your name? (3) What mobile phone do you have? (4) How many members are there in your household?

You can use the word tav to question such a person.

In Sanskrit, you should use the word Tav (तव) less than yourself only when asking a question to a younger person (अपनी अधिक उम्र के व्यक्ति के साथ बात करते समे आप (तव) शब्द का इस्तमाल नहीं कर सकते हो). This is something you have to keep in mind. If you are a person older than yourself then you have to use the word (भवत्याः) Bhavatya. Bhavatya: (भवत्याः)The word in Hindi means [आपका].

I sincerely hope you know (तव) Tav Ka Arth in Hindi. If you are learning the Sanskrit language. Then you can know (किमर्थम्) Kimartham Ka Arth In Hindi by clicking here.


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