Best Free Android Apps 2020

Hello Guys. Today we will talk about Best Free Android Apps 2020. What are the best Android apps that we can make our life easier by installing in our phone. The apps we will tell you about in this post. Those apps are very low mb. But with these apps you can do great things. Read this post to know more about all these apps. Let’s get started.

Best Free Android Apps 2020 list

Facebook Lite – The most powerful app at the first number in the list of this post. By reading the benefits of this app. You will be amazed. The size of this app is less than 2 MB. If you use Facebook’s heavy size up, it is 42 MB in size in your phone. Which blocks a lot of storage from your mobile. If you want to use Facebook, install the Facebook Lite version from today. This will save a lot of your internet data. Secondly, the battery of your mobile will be used very little. This will make your phone’s battery last longer. In this Facebook you can use everything that you use in the heavy version of Facebook. This app has a rating of 4.1 on the Play Store. Which shows it’s useful app.

Ajj tak – You can read the latest news of India in Hindi by installing the next app in your phone. The name of this app is ajj tak. The total mb size of this app is 73kb. The size of this app is less than 1 MB. You can also read the latest Hindi news by installing this app in your phone.

Google Maps Go – If you travel anywhere on your car or bike. You must be using the heavy version of Google Maps. When you run the heavy version of Google Map app in your phone. With this app your phone runs a lot of files in the background. Which greatly affects the RAM of your phone, it makes your phone very slow. You can use the Google Maps Go app to solve this problem. This is only app to 78kb. This app works just like any other app. You can also travel using this app. It will also save your internet data. And the RAM of the phone will also be affected very little. Start using Google Maps Go app on your phone today.

Grammarly Keyboard – Speaking of the next app, this app is a lot more useful up in your life. If you are a little weak in English then you can improve your English language a lot with the help of this app. Whenever we chat with someone in English on our phone. Or send an email to any in English. At that time we have a lot of wrong English words. You can install this app on your phone to solve this problem. This app is name Grammarly Keyboard. After installing this app in your phone. Whenever you type in English with this keyboard. If a word is misspelled by mistake or a stench is misspelled. This will put a red line under the wrong word. And you can correct that word by clicking on it. With this app you can write English language perfectly. The Siamese of the Grammy Keyboard is a total of 82 MB. Your phone must have data when using this app. Otherwise you will not be able to correct this English word.

Google Pay – Next App we’re going to talk about. With that app you can easily send and receive money to anyone. So it is very important to have it in your phone. This will allow you to send money to the bank automatically. The name of this app is Google Pay. With this app you can easily recharge your mobile phone.

YouTube Music – The app we’re going to talk about right now is great for your entertainment. Whenever a song is released on YouTube. So we have to go to Google to listen to the audio version of that song and the song. Which is a waste of time. For the sake of saving time You can also listen to new songs online by installing YouTube Music on your phone in high quality. Install this app on your phone and enjoy new songs.

Telegram – We usually use WhatsApp to chat with people. There are very few people across WhatsApp groups. If you want to send your message to a large number of people, they are also one in the group. Then you can install Telegram in your phone. This telegram contains a group of millions of people.

Google Chrome – We need a browser on our phone to serve the website on mobile. According to my personal expriens you Google Chrome should be used. This is a very good browser. With the help of this you can do the work of internet banking easily. Google Chrome is also quite safe compared to other browsers. This app is usually installed in every mobile. If your phone does not have this app, you can install it.

Snapseed – You love to take photos of yourself. He is also fond of posting photos on social media. So before posting any photo on Facebook or Instagram, you have to put that photo in an editor and make the photo very good. You can use Snapseed for photo editing purposes. We get a lot of features in it. With which we can edit our photo in a better way.

This is the Best Free Android Apps 2020 that you can use in your Android phone. These are some of the apps that you can install on your phone to save your phone’s battery and internet data. I hope you will definitely install these apps in your phone after reading this post. Read this post Best 4 TikTok Alternative App In India


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