TikTok Vs YouTube Interesting Facts, History No.1

TikTok Vs YouTube

Hello Guys, we are still talking about TikTok vs YouTube. In this post, we will talk about who left YouTube. And Tiktok was made by someone and what effect would it have on the people of India. How much do these two things earn in one day? And let’s talk about their fact. Read the last article to know about TikTok and youtube.

History of YouTube

First of all, let’s talk about YouTube. YouTube was launched on February 14, 2005. YouTube was started by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. They used to work in PayPal. That’s what made YouTube. At that time Surf Google was running in the world. Whenever someone had to learn something, they had to go to Google and read from the website. Which wasted a lot of man’s time. Then YouTube was created. On which people made their videos and put them on YouTube. And other people went to YouTube and watched the video and did anything. That’s why YouTube was started. The beta version of YouTube was launched in May 2005. After that, 30,000 people started watching YouTube in one day. Then 6 months later, YouTube grew so fast that 20,000 people started watching YouTube in one day. And 20,000 videos a day began to be uploaded. In this way, YouTube was moving very fast.

Buying YouTube from Google

Now we will talk about who bought YouTube and why.

YouTube was bought by Google. On October 9, 2006, Google announced the purchase of YouTube. Then on November 13, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. And now only Google is entitled to YouTube.

Google had to buy YouTube for this. At the time, YouTube was moving very fast. People were using YouTube a lot. And were using Google less. As a result, Google’s visters were losing. That’s why Google bought YouTube.


Let’s talk about Tiktok which is very much used in India. Tiktok is an application and we can pass our time by watching one minute or 30 seconds of video. Spending your time means you can pass your time.

History of Tiktok

Before becoming a Tiktok, an application was made by Chinese men in 2014. The Chinese men were named Alex Zhu and Liu Young. They thought it could be an app for education. Such as math education. This is how people can do this application by making a video of the solution of their math question and putting it on this application. And other people can solve the math question by watching these videos. This is how this application was created. At a cost of 250,000$ dollars. And when this application was launched, it failed. With which all their money was wasted.

He did not stop because of an application failure. They wondered what mistakes we had made. It was a mistake to make a video in this application. It used to take them 2 to 3 minutes to make a video. Due to which this application failed. And Alex learned more from it.

And some people were listening to music on their phones. And some people were taking their selfies. Then an idea came to Alex’s mind. And he thinks that today’s people like to post on social media. And then he thought why not create an app in which people can create videos and take songs on top of their videos. Such an idea came to Alex’s mind.

Then they started working on another new app. The name of that app was musicly. The first thing that came to mind in this app was that the time it takes to make a video would be between 15 seconds and 1 minute. Added all the features in the app that allows people to edit their videos completely. And their other concern is over societal marketing. They knew that people would make their own videos and go viral on social media. With this, the app itself became social marketing. Then they made the musicly app in 30 days. And then they launched this app in July 2014.

And the market was running musicly. But she was not moving much. Then they added other features in the musicly app. With that the app started moving very fast.

It was later bought by a Chinese company, Bytedanc, for b 1 billion. Bytedanc was also the company’s first app called douvin. And then this company mixed the douvin app and the musicly app together to make a tiktok app. This is how the Tiktok app was born.

How To Earn tiktok app

Talking about earning tiktok, Tiktok has many ways to earn money. The first way is to buy coins. You can download this app for free. Then in Tiktok you can buy coins with your bank money. And watching the video of his favorite user. You can give a coin to the creator of the video. He keeps some coins in it. And the rest of the coin is given to the creator of the video.

The second Tiktok earns from advertisement. Tiktok takes money from other apps and promotes them on their own. As there are many users of tiktok, many people install that app in their phone. In this way tiktok has many other ways to earn. With which tiktok earns millions of rupees every day.

Tiktok And YouTube interesting facts

  1. If tiktok craters are saying we are creating content on tiktok. So this is the dot in their mind. Because tiktok has 60% content in 100%. Tiktok does not promote the 40% informational content that remains.
  2. If we talk on YouTube, then all the content on YouTube is original. And YouTube only promotes informative content.
  3. We can’t make money on tiktok. We can only get our own fame.
  4. You can earn enough money on YouTube to live a comfortable life. You can also get your own fame.
  5. If you use tiktok up for one to one and half hours. After that your body will feel tired.
  6. But you go to YouTube to learn anything. So you learn by watching the video of that thing, so you can do this thing by making your mind feel like this. You get a motivation.
  7. tiktok is a timemaps up. If you use tiktok every day, you are wasting precious time of your life.

TikTok Vs YouTube Watch Video By Carryminati

TikTok Vs YouTube Bast In Your Life

After reading this whole article, you will know what is tiktok and youtube. And which up in our life should we give more importance to?

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